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Riders Position

Top instructors discuss and demonstrate proper position for all phases of eventing.

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Water Jumps

Water Jumps are one of Cross Country ridings most exciting, influential and fun obstacles.

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Narrow Fences

Narrows, skinnies, and squeezes come in all sizes shapes and configurations.

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Steeplechase fences are seen in all Classic 3-Day events from Novice through Preliminary.

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Corners are one of the best tests of a horses straightness.

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Take it to the Bank. Up, Down, Into Water, Out of Water, In Combinations Cross Country and Show Jumping.

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Everythings coming up Ditches

Suffering from Ditchlexia? Here are your answers.

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USEA Faculty members teach and discuss best practices for Instruction.

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Cross Country

The cross-country test typically takes place on the second day of competition. The object of this test is to prove the speed, endurance, and jumping ability of the horse over varied terrain and obstacles. In order to accomplish this task, the horse and r

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A show jumping course comprises a series of colored fences usually made up of lightweight rails that are easily knocked down. The test takes place in an enclosed ring and the course must be negotiated in order for the horse and rider to successfully comp

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Dressage The first phase of eventing shows the horse and rider’s ability to perform a series of prescribed classical movements on the flat in an enclosed arena.

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