William Fox-Pitt - 05/31/15 - At Least a Seven

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WILLIAM FOX-PITT - 05/31/15 - AT LEAST A SEVEN  The total running time of this three part video is 35:15.  William Fox-Pitt brings his expertise to this flatwork session that gives tips on riding your dressage test as well as exercises for the warm up.

Part 1: Jan Byyny and Sharon White join Wiliam Fox-Pitt in the first day of this two day clinic starting with a their warm up on horses with two star experience. After observing them, he notes that they will show more stretch towards the end of the session. He has them do exercises in the walk, adding the frame and outline to the walk without losing the impulsion. They then practice their halts.
Part 2: William encourages Sharon to work with her horse to develop more than one trot, and has Jan work on her position. He talks about the importance of having a good position to allow the horse do their work. In the canter he has them take their leg on and then off and then on instead of holding them. They use the counter canter to develop balance and suppleness. He talks about how difficult it is to put a whole dressage test together, and encourages them to ride for a consistent seven, and push for higher scores on the movements that they shine on. They then each ride an exercise including an entry, halt, shoulder in to 10 meter circle to renvers.
Part 3: They repeat the above exercise in the opposite direction. William offers invaluable tips on riding these movements. They end with long and low trots.

William Fox-Pitt - UK

William Fox-Pitt was the first British rider to become eventing’s World No 1, a distinction he achieved in 2002 and again in 2009 & 2010. Read Full Bio