Nancy Later - Six Year Old

Six Year Old Test, flying changes, half passes, medium walk, collected walk, rider position, responsiveness

NANCY LATER - 11/09/14 - SIX YEAR OLD - The total running time of this five part video is 33:45.  Nancy Later joins with this wonderful video covering many of the moves used in Eventing Dressage.  This video was originally presented on our sister website, (now

Part 1: Nancy Later rides a six year old Hanoverian mare who has shown in the five year old classes and is now training for the six year old classes. They are schooling the flying changes and half passes while maintaining a relaxed, swinging manner. Ms. Later gives a thorough explanation of the relationship between the balance of the horse and the balance of the rider.
Part 2: This segment begins with a great checklist for the rider to go through as they warm up to be sure their position is correct and the horse is ready for work. Ms. Later offers insights into the balance problems that may be encountered on the trot circle, and how to correct them.
Part 3: Ms. Later rides the diagonal and demonstrates how to keep the balance across the diagonal, completing the warm up. She talks through great tips on the medium and collected walk and how to train collection and suppleness together.
Part 4: While riding the shoulder in Ms. Later explains her aids and body position and how they affect the horse. They then school the half pass at the trot before moving on to the canter. They school the flying change with a clear description of what the rider needs to do to train the change.
Part 5: This conclusion clarifies what problems can arise in schooling the change in both the rider and the horse. Ms. Later offers solutions to these issues with clear advice on the rider position and the responsiveness of the horse.

Nancy Later - USA

Nancy Later, a successful US dressage rider and trainer, joins ETO! Read Full Bio