Matt Brown - Steady Contact and Keeping the Rhythm

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Matt Brown - 08/13/17 - Transitions for Jumping

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MATT BROWN - 08/13/17 - TRANSITIONS FOR JUMPING The total running time of this three part video is 46:45.  Matt Brown joins with this absolutely must see video on how to work with a gorgeous young TB mare to improve her flatwork and connection in preparation for jumping.

Part 1: Matt starts off this lesson talking about the basic things he wants from this green thoroughbred who is a little distracted being in a new place.  He encourages the rider to keep the connection with a soft elbow no matter what the mare is doing.  They work on transitions within the gaits to see were the mare loses her balance and get the mare to relax into the contact. Matt offers very clear instructions on how to work with the mare where she is in her training to improve her flatwork, offering many tips on riding a green TB.
Part 2: They continue working on the balance and connection and move onto trot poles.  Matt wants the rider to let the horse figure out the poles by keeping the rhythm.  They do the same exercise in the canter with the transitions in the canter and then the addition of the ground poles. These exercises help build the needed canter for successful jumping  
Part 3: The pair is now onto jumping.  They start their jumping exercises with ground poles to a small vertical.  Matt adds some V poles to help improve the mares’ form.  He encourages the rider to sit still and be quiet with her upper body.  He adds an over off a figure eight to the exercise.  Matt talks about how its the same in transitions as in jumping with the same muscles and the same balance. He also offers great explanations on how he alters the jumping exercise to help teach the mare the correct form as well as the importance of staying on the line and not running out.

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