Kim Severeson - Pace and Balance Part Two- 06.29.13, Group 1

Kim Severson concludes this clinic with a very spooky fence and hard turn that helps the riders learn to make small changes before the fence.

Kim Severeson - Pace and Balance Part One- 06.29.13, Group 1

Kim Severeson works with Prelim riders on their pace and balance.

Kim Severson - 11.23.13 - Novice Galloping and Ditches, Part A

Kim Severson teaches a Novice lesson on galloping and ditches.


Kim Severson-USA

In 2004, Kim was ranked the #1 F.E.I. rider in the world, an Eventing superstar with a total dedication to success. Kim and Dan were named to the 2006 USA World Equestrian Games where they competed in Aachen, Germany. At these Games, Kim was the Developin Read Full Bio