Jonathan Holling - 11.23.13 - Preliminary Warm Up and Banks, Part A

Jonathan Holling teaches a cross country clinic covering the warm up and banks.

Jonathan Holling - 02/03/14 - Preliminary Corners, Water and Ditches Part B

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JONATHON HOLLING-11.23.13-PRELIMINARY WARM UP AND BANKS, PART A  The first five parts of this video have a total running time of 39:08.  warm up, riding the line, banks, rider position

Part 1: Jonathan Holling begins with this Prelim group by jumping a bending line in five, and coming back to it straight in four. Jon reminds them that the rider must get the right stride for the exercise and gives them great tips on body position.
Part 2: Jon is riding one of the horses in this session, so we have a great opportunity to watch an exceptional rider ride the same exercises as the rest of the participants. He gets to some difficult distances, but makes the point that he has to keep on riding to the next fence. The next rider is advised to ride more aggressively instead of just trusting that her horse will jump the fence, and they successfully jump the exercise. Each rider works on riding their line and imagining the railroad tracks. Jon next goes over his method of jumping banks.
Part 3: Jon begins the bank exercise by walking his horse down the bank. His horse hesitates in this exercise, so we have an excellent example of how to ride this problem with a clear view of his body position and the reaction of the horse. When they are successful with this they then jump up the bank. He gives a very thorough explanation of the rider position for jumping up and down banks. The first exercise is to walk down and trot up, and when that is working well, they trot down and canter up.
Part 4: The exercise at the bank continues with adding both a one stride and a bounce on the top of the bank. As each rider goes through, Jon helps them with what their horse needs from them including a stronger ride to make sure it happens, getting them to the bank, and fine tuning their position. He explains his philosophy of using the stick on the shoulder.
Part 5: A further challenge is added when the riders are asked to jump down the bounce bank four strides to a rolltop to two strides to a vertical on an angle requiring the riders to hold a line. When the horse he is riding has trouble with the exercise, we have an excellent chance to see how to cope with problems while schooling. The clinic riders show great skill in navigating this difficult task, and Jon comments on how exercises like this will likely show up in course designs in the coming year.

Jonathan Holling-USA

Jonathan has competed through the advanced CCI**** level on many horses. He has ridden at such world famous events as The Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event, Burghley Horse Trials, the World Cup Eventing Finals in Malmo Sweden, and was a member of the 2012 Na Read Full Bio