Jonathan Holling - 11.23.13 - Preliminary Warm Up and Banks, Part A

Jonathan Holling teaches a cross country clinic covering the warm up and banks.

Jonathan Holling - 02/03/14 - Preliminary Corners, Water and Ditches Part B

corners, water, ditches

JONATHAN HOLLING- 02/03/14 - PRELIMINARY CORNERS, WATER AND DITCHES, PART B  The last four parts of this nine part Prelim group lesson (the first part is called PRELIMINARY WARM UP AND BANKS, PART A) have a total running time of 30 minutes. Corners, Water and Ditches

Part 1: Jonathan Holling continues this Preliminary level clinic by explaining how to approach a corner, and rides it first to demonstrate. He helps each rider with their position and the proper canter needed for jumping corners. There is a great example of holding the line to the fence without rushing the horse.
Part 2: The last rider finishes the corner exercises and they move on to the water, starting with a course of several fences in and out of the water. All the horses take a big peek at the first roll top into the water, and Jonathan has valuable assistance for each rider.
Part 3: Jonathan explains why he had them approach the water exercise without getting their feet wet first. He adds a bounce into the water on their new course through the water, adding information about the needed body position. Having him ride the exercise first gives a great visual example of effective riding. They then move to the ditch and rails, and Jonathan explains how to ride this.
Part 4: Jonathan has these Prelim horses do the ditch exercise without schooling the individual elements. There are great examples of good footwork and why it is so important. With this interesting variety of horses, you are sure to find examples to help you with your own riding.

Jonathan Holling-USA

Jonathan has competed through the advanced CCI**** level on many horses. He has ridden at such world famous events as The Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event, Burghley Horse Trials, the World Cup Eventing Finals in Malmo Sweden, and was a member of the 2012 Na Read Full Bio