Jimmy Wofford - 6/5/17 - Feel Your Horse P1-P3

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07/05/15 - Jimmy Wofford and Sharon White - Two Star Horse

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Jimmy Wofford-Stadium-02.20.13-Group One, Part Two

This Jimmy Wofford Clinic features horses from BN to T, and riders from amateurs to pros. They ride a progression of exercises aimed to improve the horse listening to the rider.


JIMMY WOFFORD - 6/5/17 - FEELING YOUR HORSE PARTS 1-3 The total running time of the first three parts of this five part video is 41:30.  Eventing legend, Jimmy Wofford helps riders build awareness of how their horse navigates the jump, and how to best influence that effort.

Part 1: Jimmy starts off the lesson having the riders trot over poles. He is looking for straightness, regularity and calmness throughout this exercise. As the horses get warmed up he asks the riders to tell him which leg steps into the exercise first and the quality of the gait. As they progress onto a small jumping exercise Jimmy explains how a horse jumps and what it means when they take rails with their front end.
Part 2: The lesson continues with everyone working on the same exercise. Jimmy then explains the reason we use a landing rail and he has the riders come back through the exercise with only a landing rail. He then adds an oxer to the gymnastic. He feels that he is seeing improvements with the riders’ consistency.
Part 3: Jimmy adds another oxer to the gymnastic. One rider has a particularly sticky horse and Jimmy encourages her to attack the landing of each jump. In order to help one horse hold at the fence, Jimmy warns the rider that he will be walking in front of her as she makes her approach and not to be alarmed. When he adds another jump to the course he asks them to circle after the first line until they have a calm, quality canter that allows them to go to the next fence in a steady, calm rhythm. They also circle at the end of the course until the quality of the canter returns.

Jimmy Wofford-USA

Wofford has had at least one student on every U.S. Olympic, World Championship and Pan American team since 1978. Read Full Bio