Gareth Hughes - Five Year Old

Five year old, young horse, balance, suppleness, half halt, transitions within gaits, crookedness

GARETH HUGHES - FIVE YEAR OLD  The total running time of this five part video is 36:00.  Gareth Hughes coaches his working student on a five year old upper level prospect.

Part 1: Gareth Hughes coaches his working student and her five year old gelding, beginning with the warm up and covering what a young horse requires. He presents an interesting description of how different parts of the body of the rider influence different parts of the horse. As they go to the canter, he explains how some young horses with undeveloped balance may need to warm up in the trot rather than the canter. He talks of the strengths of this young gelding and what he needs to work on.
Part 2: Gareth talks about the walk and what qualities to look for before returning to the trot. They work on increasing his leg speed without running him out of his balance before going to shoulder fore. He explains what lateral work he expects from a five year old to build a foundation for future training. When he blocks through his body, they ask for more suppleness.
Part 3: Gareth explains the reason for using the movements in training and what they accomplish. He also talks about giving the horse breaks during training and how they need to understand that when you pick up the reins it is time for work. They use transitions within the trot to check on balance, and Gareth gives great information on the use of the half halt.
Part 4: They now do the leg yield, with an explanation of the use of this movement in the development of the horse. This willing young horse shows great examples of this movement. Gareth explains his method of training and how he brings along young horses. When they move to the canter, Gareth begins by explaining that he looks to develop the strength to later allow the horse to do the advanced movements. They first make sure that he is forward and reactive to the aids keeping him on the circle to help with his balance.
Part 5: As they go to the full arena, Gareth advises that using the circle to regain the balance if the horse loses balance on the long sides. They do transitions within the gait, looking for subtle reactions that show that he is able to carry himself for the moment. We get an excellent opportunity to see just how straight he is, and Gareth points out how crookedness is an evasion. He gives a great explanation of the basis of his training, and how this work will be the foundation of his further training.

Gareth Hughes - UK

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