Clayton Fredericks -04/17/14 - Schooling Skinnies

Skinnies, warm up, guiding rails, narrow fence, drop fence, down bank, brush fence

CLAYTON FREDERICKS04/17/14 - SCHOOLING SKINNIES  This three part video has a running time of 39 minutes. Clayton Fredericks demonstrates schooling skinnies.

Part 1: Clayton Fredericks joins EventingTrainingOnline with this excellent video on jumping skinnies. He demonstrates on a six year old Hanovarian mare who is new to cross country jumping and begins by explaining how he works on the concentration of the horse and their tendency to spook, and how that relates to the horse approaching the skinnies. In the warm up he makes sure that he has the horse figuring out the fence for themselves. He then sets up an exercise the introduces the skinny to a green horse. When he puts his leg on she does not go forward, he corrects that problem before continuing to jump. Clayton changes the exercise making it progressively more challenging before going to the cross country field.
Part 2: Clayton moves to the cross country field and a small skinny to introduce the mare to this obstacle. They work through some issues with the rein back until it is soft and quiet. He progressively works through a small skinny, letting the horse have responsibility for jumping the fence. He ups the difficulty by then going from a drop to a skinny brush. He again breaks it into parts, first working on the down bank and then adding the brush.
Part 3: The mare is quite green, and they have a run out the first time, giving us an opportunity to see how to handle this common problem. By systematically presenting her with the question, Clayton successfully navigates the exercise.

Clayton Fredericks - AUS

Clayton Fredericks won Olympic team silver medal in the 2008 Olympic Games and was also a member of the Australian team at the 2012 London Olympic Games. He won an individual silver and team bronze medal at the 2006 FEI World Equestrian Games and won the Read Full Bio