Christoph Hess - Inside Leg to Outside Rein

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Christoph Hess - Introducing Flying Changes

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CHRISTOPH HESS - INSIDE LEG TO OUTSIDE REIN  This six part video has a total running time of 48:00.  From our sister website,  Mr. Hess brings a video packed with useful information and exercises to improve the connection of the inside leg to the outside rein.

Part 1: Mr. Hess asks this rider to use her inside leg to ask the horse to stretch down and open his neck. They find his stetchy and swingy trot where he is moving freely.
Part 2: They begin by working on the rider position to allow for an effective leg that garners an immediate response from the horse. As they go to the full arena, they use the shoulder in on the long side with impulsion, rhythm and tempo.
Part 3: By asking for a longer step, the horse and rider increase their impulsion, and then go on to use the whole arena. In the shoulder in Mr. Hess asks her to give with both reins while using more inside leg.
Part 4: The quality of the work in this segment is the reward for the previous work. Mr. Hess gives great advice on what to do if problems do arise. They move on to the next exercise in the progression of training.
Part 5: They work on leg yielding on the circle to create the connection between the inside leg and outside rein, and return to the circle in the corner, shoulder in and half pass exercise. In the canter they continue the shoulder fore with flexion.
Part 6: Mr. Hess has the rider hold both reins in the outside hand while cantering, thus making it clear to the horse to move from the inside leg without using the inside rein.

Christoph Hess - GER

Christoph Hess is the Director of Training for the German Olympic Committee for Equestrian Sports. Read Full Bio