Chrissa Hoffman - Developing the Flying Change

flying change, connection, lateral work, half pass, stretch

Chrissa Hoffman - Warming Up, Laterl Work & Canter Exercises for the Young Horse

six year old, canter, shoulder in, haunches in, lateral work, half pass, medium trot, cnater half pass, counter canter

CHRISSA HOFFMAN - 01/24/15 - DEVELOPING THE CHANGES  This three part video has a total running time of 30:45.  Chrissa Hoffman works the flying changes with Faustus.

Part 1: Chrissa Hoffman rides Faustus, a third level horse that she is helping with the changes. She discovered the issues that led to his flying change problems, and has just gotten him to the point of beginning to work on the tempis. She begins by placing him deep in the neck during the warmup to keep him from taking over. She focuses on keeping him from grabbing the right rein, and that he stays connected when she gives, as well as working on the bending and suppleness. She checks through the gears in the canter once he warms up, adding a few playful single changes. When he becomes tight on the right rein, she demonstrates how she handles this common problem, and then talks about where they are in the training with the changes.
Part 2: Chrissa moves on to lateral work, including the half pass to the change in the corner. When he anticipates the change, she asks for it in an unusual place. She uses the quarter line and the boards instead of the long diagonal for the tempi changes to help keep him straight. Chrissa makes sure to praise him for his efforts, and has been rewarded with a willing partner who is advancing in his training. She gives a very interesting explanation of how she figured out how to help him with his changes.
Part 3: Chrissa talks about how she developed the trot to get more swing with connection through his back. In the trot half passes she asks for a few steps of leg yield when he gets tight. She explains and demonstrates how she approaches half steps. The session ends with stretching where Chrissa still expects him to half halt and bend with little rein contact. He shows great relaxation and stretch.

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