Catherine Haddad - 09/02/13 - Suppleness

Catherine Haddad teaches a second lesson with James Alliston on a lovely, athletic Thoroughbred mare. While the initial issue is changing leads behind, the real issue is maintaining the bend and softness in the neck, and Catherine offers many exercises for these problems.

Catherine Haddad - 09/02/13 - Preparation

Catherine Haddad and James Alliston bring lesson with tons of information on improving the shoulder in, half pass and flying changes.

Catherine Haddad - 08.24.13 - Quiet Hands

Catherine Haddad teaches a must see lesson on quiet hands, better contact, and creating balance in the horse.

CATHERINE HADDAD-09.02.13-SUPPLENESS  This five part video has a total running time of 34:17.  Thoroughbred, counter canter, topline, shoulder in, haunches in, leg yield, bend

Part 1: In this lesson with Catherine Haddad and James Alliston, James rides a beautiful Thoroughbred mare. She recommends a warm up with lots of canter before sitting the trot. She challenges James to be soft in his arms and be aware of the movements of his head. On a twenty meter circle, they practice going forward and back in the canter. In the counter canter they look for more bend in her body, and then change the flexion with her haunches to the outside allowing for more suppling.
Part 2: When they go large, Catherine points out that if the mare comes against his hand, she will be likely to change leads behind. They work on softening her neck and creating more flexion. She has him raise his inside hand rather than pull back to create the flexion.
Part 3: Catherine points out that the issues is not that the mare switches leads, but that she holds stiffness in her topline and switches when she hits the bit. They need to have bend both in front and behind the saddle. The canter improves with the bend and submission. On the long side they work haunches in, shoulder in, haunches in while keeping the same bend. Interestingly, Catherine recommends riding between the shoulder in and haunches in for a couple of weeks until the mare becomes obedient to the outside leg.
Part 4: To add engagement and elasticity, Catherine offers a couple of exercises. She reminds James that there should be an even feel in both reins even when asking for the bend. They next work on keeping the flexion on a twenty meter circle in the trot, allowing more expression in the outside shoulder and more freedom in the back. When going to the leg yield, they look for her outside shoulder reaching forward and out.
Part 5: Keeping the bend, they now work on stretching her, and the trot improves. With her neck down and stretching, they go to the canter with the bend with Catherine giving great advice on how to do this. Catherine recommends doing these exercises in the warm up for a more supple horse.

Catherine Haddad - USA

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