Dorothy Crowell - Get Those Feet Moving!

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Ian Stark - 01/10/18 - Position, Position!!

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Boyd Martin - 11/11/17 - Improving The Jumping Technique of the Horse, P4 - P6

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BOYD MARTIN -11/11/17 - Improving the Jumping Technique of the Horse - The last three parts of this six part video ihave a total running time of 38:00.  Join Olympian Boyd Martin in the conclusion of this fantastic session on stadium jumping with talented Prelim level and above riders.

Part 4: Boyd adds V-rails to the oxer exercise. The purpose is to slow the rushing horse down and to improve the form of all the horses. One of the riders works on taking one less stride coming in to the fence, with Boyd encouraging the rider to come a bit more forward to the fence. Eventually he adds the V- rails to the other side of the fence. This exercise allows the rider to be softer coming in once they’re sure he won’t spook at it. The second horse jumps through his whole body in this exercise, really cracking his back.
Part 5: Now that the horses are all jumping in good form and rideable it is time to put it together in a course. Boyd cautions them that they need to have a competition canter rather than the more restrained canter used in the exercises. Boyd explains to one of the riders that a rollback turn could be used to help slow her horse down. He works with another rider on not adding to many strides and coming into the combinations weak.
Part 6: Boyd talks about how one stride verticals always ride short. They continue building on the course with Boyd offering invaluable insight into how to ride the turns and combinations. He talks about how some exercises become harder because of where they are placed in the order of the course. He turns two of the verticals in the combination into big cross rails to encourage the horses to jump with good technique. One horse stops a few times through the course. Boyd encourages her to be steady determined to get through the exercise.


A show jumping course comprises a series of colored fences usually made up of lightweight rails that are easily knocked down. The test takes place in an enclosed ring and the course must be negotiated in order for the horse and rider to successfully comp Read Full Bio