10/22/15 - Allison Springer - Stadium Exercises for Green Horses, P4-6

flatwork, course riding, responsiveness, straightness, forward, stops

10/04/15 - Allison Springer - Stadium Exercises for Green Horses, P1-3

flatwork, responsiveness, jumping, transitions, connection

Allsion Springer - 03.30.13 - Group 2, Part 1 - Thoughtful Riding

Allison Springer brings flatwork for jumping and creating a thoughtful rider.


ALLISON SPRINGER-03.30.13-GROUP 2, PART 1 This total running time of the first six parts of this 13 video is 47:19.  flatwork, release of pressure, contact, turn on forehand, leg yield, thoughtful riding

Part 1: Allison Springer begins this more advanced group with basic flatwork theory, and talks to them about a horse itching their head while standing. They go over the importance of their posture and how their body position affects their horse. She insists on the horses remaining immobile while they do these exercises, and they gently ask them to move back into position and then release the pressure when they do.
Part 2: Allison gives great advice for a young rider who has had issues with her horse, explaining how he was seeking a release of pressure. She demonstrates proper leg position and where the weight should be in the stirrup. As they begin walking, one horse shows concern over going near the speakers, and Allison gives the rider great advice on how to handle this. She works with another rider on keeping a straight line from the elbow to the bit.
Part 3: When one rider reaches forward to pat her horse, Allison has her reward the horse by a release in pressure instead. She guides the rider through resistance to the contact. They next work on a turn on the forehand asking them to take one step at a time with a bend.
Part 4: The next exercise is to do leg yielding with the head to the wall, which provides an excellent opportunity to watch the coordination of aids it takes to this. Allison gives direction on how to position the body, where to look, and how to use the legs. With such a wide variety of horses, you are sure to find one with similar issues to your own horse.
Part 5: This segment starts with the mare with contact problems, and Allison points out how the skills learned in the leg yield can be used to keep the horse straight and between the reins while riding other movements. There are four sets of standards set on a circle, and the riders are next asked to trot and then canter around the circle and between the standards. They are also required to go forward and back with the gaits, and demonstrate that they can slow the horse without pulling on the reins.
Part 6: Allison explains how the flatwork they have just done should relate to jumping a course. With the next rider we get a great chance to see what a straight line to the bit should look like. The next rider has a mare that’s not confident in the contact, and they perform the exercise while changing the speed of the gaits without using the reins. Allison ties in these transitions within the trot to show how they relate to a half halt. At the canter she asks the rider to move her arms with the mouth.

Allison Springer-USA

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