10/22/15 - Allison Springer - Stadium Exercises for Green Horses, P4-6

flatwork, course riding, responsiveness, straightness, forward, stops

10/04/15 - Allison Springer - Stadium Exercises for Green Horses, P1-3

flatwork, responsiveness, jumping, transitions, connection

Allsion Springer - 03.30.13 - Group 2, Part 1 - Thoughtful Riding

Allison Springer brings flatwork for jumping and creating a thoughtful rider.


ALLISON SPRINGER-3-30.13-GROUP 1, PART 1  This first seven parts of the fourteen part video have a total running time of 57:10.  flatwork, turn on the forehand, leg yield on the wall, contact, spooking

Part 1: We join Allison Springer as she discusses the goals of the riders in this group lesson. One of the horses presents a spooking issue, and Alison explains the difference between a fear based spook and a respect based spook. She begins by talking about their posture, and when there is a horse who doesn’t want to stand still, they have the opportunity to talk about how to deal with that.
Part 2: Allison give great tips on how to encourage your horse to stand still, and the differences in their temperaments and how that affects your approach. When they go back to their posture, Allison explains how their arms should align with the mouth of the horse. She next checks the stirrup length for all the riders.
Part 3: Watch this next section to see the proper position of the lower leg and how to carry your hand while feeling the contact. Allison has them halt without using the reins, and ask them to walk again from a light calf.
Part 4: Allison points out how the body conformation of the rider will affect where they carry their hand to create a straight line to the mouth of the horse. To get the horse to listen to the leg better, Allison has the riders work on a turn on the forehand. The clarity achieved here will help as the work progresses.
Part 5: They continue to work with the turn on the forehand, a great exercise to determine the responsiveness to the leg and the coordination of the aids. They move on to doing leg yields on the long wall with the head to the wall. She give a very concise explanation of what this exercise can do.
Part 6: The explanation continues of why to do this along the wall and what results to look for. As each rider tries is we have the opportunity to see the coordination of aids that this movement requires
Part 7: They reverse direction and do the leg yield off the other leg. Alison offers some great insight on creating contact with the reins on an OTTB. Another horse becomes irregular at the trot, and Allison provides tools to improve this.

Allison Springer-USA

She’s been named to the United States Equestrian Team’s Training List, a proven training ground for national team riders, multiple times on multiple horses and most recently finished 3rd in the HSBC FEI Classics Series for 2012 (the highest placing ev Read Full Bio