10/22/15 - Allison Springer - Stadium Exercises for Green Horses, P4-6

flatwork, course riding, responsiveness, straightness, forward, stops

10/04/15 - Allison Springer - Stadium Exercises for Green Horses, P1-3

flatwork, responsiveness, jumping, transitions, connection

Allsion Springer - 03.30.13 - Group 2, Part 1 - Thoughtful Riding

Allison Springer brings flatwork for jumping and creating a thoughtful rider.


ALLISON SPRINGER - 03.30.13 - GROUP 2, PART 2  Total running time of the last 7 parts of this 13 part video is 47:19.  balance, bucking, bend, body position, grids, flatwork, approach

Part 7: In the second half of this clinic session, Allison continues to ask the riders to keep the horse between the reins. On a horse that is balanced down on the reins, she has the rider use his leg to lift his head. This exercise allows them to find the right balance that can be used when jumping.
Part 8: With the next rider and a horse that has bucked, Allison is gives great instruction on keeping her forward by moving her hands forward and taking her legs off the horse when not giving an aid. She bucks to get the rider release the pressure, and Allison is able to guide her to a much more successful ride. This is a must see for riders with horses that become tense, tight and bucky.
Part Nine: This mare is also a challenge, and Allison talks about how this is a great opportunity to learn how to ride through this. Allison has this rider use the bend and awareness of her body position with a hand that moves towards her mouth to create a better ride.
Part Ten: They start jumping the grid emphasizing the line of direction, speed, rhythm and balance. Allison requires thoughtful riding that encourages the horse with light aids to do their work in a relaxed and calm manner. With the beginning of this progressive grid, the horses and riders show various issues from needing to grab mane to approaching the grid calmly, to seeking to release the pressure by chucking their head after the fence.
Part Eleven: This rider feels her horse slow down going to the grid which now has two elements. She uses her seat to push the horse forward, and Allison corrects her to use her leg. When the redheaded mare changes the rules of the game by cantering into the grid, Allison has her think of the flatwork and correct the problem there. A very tall rider is asked to stay tall with his upper body over the fences.
Part Twelve: They add a third element to the grid, and each rider navigates it successfully. Because they are indoors, the grid is most easily approached from the same direction, and the horses turn at the end in the same direction until one rider turns the opposite way. Doing this helps with other horses who are anticipating the turn. They add the fourth element and the second horse comes a bit underpowered on the approach. Allison explains how this affects the ability of the horse to jump. Our redhead speeds up on the approach, and the rider is given an exercise to do on the long side to deal with this.
Part Thirteen: The challenge for this rider is to stay out of the saddle in the one stride at the end of the grid, and avoid telling her horse to scoot forward. The last rider is asked to give better guidance with her eye, and circle at the end in calm canter.

Allison Springer-USA

She’s been named to the United States Equestrian Team’s Training List, a proven training ground for national team riders, multiple times on multiple horses and most recently finished 3rd in the HSBC FEI Classics Series for 2012 (the highest placing ev Read Full Bio