10/22/15 - Allison Springer - Stadium Exercises for Green Horses, P4-6

flatwork, course riding, responsiveness, straightness, forward, stops

10/04/15 - Allison Springer - Stadium Exercises for Green Horses, P1-3

flatwork, responsiveness, jumping, transitions, connection

Allsion Springer - 03.30.13 - Group 2, Part 1 - Thoughtful Riding

Allison Springer brings flatwork for jumping and creating a thoughtful rider.


ALLISON SPRINGER - 10-22-15 - STADIUM EXERCISES FOR GREEN HORSES, P4-6  The last three parts of this six part video have a total running time of 44:30.  Allison Springer works on riding courses with green horses.

Part 4: Allison now builds on all the flatwork, challenging the riders to keep their rides simple and in balance. She describes the course and offers tips on how to ride the course. The first rider shows what a difference can be made by riding from the inside leg to the outside rein after the fence to rebalance the horse rather than pulling, as well as the benefits of using the previous flatwork on the way to the fence. The second horse works on improving his responsiveness to the leg, keeping him forward and making jumping easier for him.
Part 5: The next horse shows great balance as it navigates the course, but does have a couple chips. Allison offers great advice for avoiding the chip and smoothing out the ride. She makes sure the next horse does a correct canter depart before starting jumping, and keeps the canter throughout the course. When the horse stops at some fences, Allison explains why they are getting the stop as well as what a great young horse this rider has. He is green enough that the problem is lack of respect for her leg and the line of direction rather than stopping, and she encourages the rider to develop his responsiveness to encourage this youngster to trust her. With the next horse Allison coaches the rider to use her inside leg when the mare falls in and use her outside rein to slow her. The mare becomes quite excited and Allison asks her to stay light on her back and use her legs for steering. Their second round shows much improvement.
Part 6: The next rider begins with remembering her flatwork, moving her horse off her inside leg creating a good canter before jumping. The mare has been fussy with her head, and Allison reminds her how to handle this. The next horse is the one that needs to be more responsive and off the leg, sot they begin by establishing this first. By getting him more forward he struggles less with jumping. The last horse also needs to be forward to the fence and she has lovely fences when he keeps his impulsion.

Allison Springer-USA

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