Jimmy Wofford - 6/5/17 - Feel Your Horse P1-P3

stadium jumping, show jumping, gymnastics

07/05/15 - Jimmy Wofford and Sharon White - Two Star Horse

cross country, ditch, skinny, weldon's wall, coffin, water, corner, self carriage, balance, rider position

Jimmy Wofford-Stadium-02.20.13-Group One, Part Two

This Jimmy Wofford Clinic features horses from BN to T, and riders from amateurs to pros. They ride a progression of exercises aimed to improve the horse listening to the rider.


JIMMY WOFFORD AND SHARON WHITE -  07/05/15 - TWO STAR HORSE - This three part video has a total running time of 39:45.  Jimmy Wofford and Sharon White join forces in this cross country school with a new two star horse for Sharon.

Part 1: Sharon White rides a youngster in this lesson with Jimmy Wofford, giving us the extraordinary chance to see two top professionals work together. They talk about how they will work together, and Jimmy encourages her to let him make some of his own decisions rather than placing him at the fence. This is a new partner for Sharon, so they talk about what strategy to take. They ask him to jump many different fences to see how he reacts. They start with a ditch to a skinny and watch how he improves each time he is presented to the question. They then do a trakhaner to a weldon’s wall to a set of rails, which he clearly understands.
Part 2: When they move to a new exercise, they make sure he has a chance to jump a straight forward pallisade before asking him to do a rolltop to rolltop at an off set angle. He runs out on the first rolltop and we get to see how these two professionals handle it. The next exercise is a ditch to a corner, and Jimmy explains why he has her jump the white point side first. They come back and do the red point to a chevron, and Jimmy talks about what this exercise has shown him. On the next exercise Jimmy encourages her to be sure he’s in front of her leg and is moving left and right off of her leg.
Part 3: Jimmy gives great tips for creating a better jump in the “lump and a log” exercise, crating a beautiful shape over the fence the second time. They work through a series of fences focusing on Sharon’s connection. The next challenge is the water, including a rolltop in and bounce out up a bank. Jimmy analyzes his balance and suggests what work they will need to do during the winter to help him gain more self carriage.

Jimmy Wofford-USA

Wofford has had at least one student on every U.S. Olympic, World Championship and Pan American team since 1978. Read Full Bio