Doug Payne - 4/20/17 - Maintaining Straightness in Stadium Jumping

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06/01/14 - Doug Payne - Balance and Power

Doug Payne schools a Prelim and Training level rider through coffins, banks and water.

DOUG PAYNE - 06/01/14 - BALANCE AND POWER -  The total running time for this video is 40 minutes. rideability, skinny, corner, brush, roll top, coffin, half coffin, water, banks, double banks

Part 1: We join Doug Payne and his two riders as Doug explains about the balance needed on the approach to the fence. They have been warming up for quite a while, and continue with the cross country warm up, coming to a vertical at a an angle. The first challenge is a ditch, soon to be combined with a rolltop for a coffin combination. When one rider has troubles at the ditch, Doug hops on for some schooling, first jumping some single fences before approaching the ditch. When the horse is sticky at the ditch even with Doug, we get an excellent opportunity from an expert to see how to ride through this issue. With this confident ride the horse quickly becomes more confident himself in the coffin combination. When the rider remounts, they successfully navigate the exercise.
Part 2: The two riders now move on to a coffin exercise involving terrain. The Prelim rider goes first, and Doug helps her with getting the right canter for the exercise while offering great advice on creating enough energy without getting the mare too busy in her mind. The Training rider does a half coffin, concentrating on being soft and straight to the ditch. The bank combination is next. The Prelim rider jumps a skinny to a drop down to a brush top on a bending line. They work on her quickness of step while remaining round and in front of the leg. Doug offers suggestions of exercises the rider can work on at home to improve the mare. The Training rider jumps a small cabin, bending line to double banks up to another small cabin several strides away. The first time they come a bit too fast, and Doug helps them find the proper pace. Doug shows them how to position their pelvis when jumping down the banks to keep them more balanced.
Part 3: The water complex provides the next challenge. The Prelim rider goes first, with a Trakehner to a drop into the water over a log, across the water and out to a skinny. His expertise helps them to find a better line through the water. He points out the relationship between getting a long distance and coming to the fence weak. The Training level pair work on making the horse more rideable in the water, focusing on keeping him softer and bending with more balance. Doug helps them understand how important it is to keep him soft and relaxed, and they end the session jumping the Prelim into the water and out over a log.

Doug Payne - USA

Doug Payne - Doug is a professional equestrian with a mechanical engineering degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology, based out of New Hill, NC. He is a well known international competitor, trainer, judge, coach and author. Read Full Bio