02/15/15 - Asia Thayer - Alignment and Balance Part 3 and 4

counter flexion, alignment, balance, submission, rider position, jumping

02/04/15 - Asia Thayer - Alignment and Balance Parts 1-2

balance, flatwork, dressage, rider position, relaxation, tension

ASIA THAYER - 02/15/15 - ALIGNMENT AND BALANCE, PARTS 3 AND 4 - The last two parts of this four part video have a total running time of 27:00.  Asia Thayer adds fences to this session of flatwork helping build better balance and relaxation. 

Part 3: They move onto canter work using the counter flexion exercise. Asia emphases that when the mare is submissive you have to let go. They move on to downward transitions.
Part 4: The lesson progresses to jumping with the rider working on keeping the mares neck long in between fences. Asia has the rider really sink down into her hips to help keep her from tipping forward.

Asia Thayer - USA

Asia Thayer brings her extensive knowledge and committment to the US Pony Club, graduating at the HA level, and becoming a USPC National Examiner. Read Full Bio