01/01/15 - Buck Davidson - Final Show Prep Parts 3 and 4

stadium, showjumping, turns, balance

Buck Davidson -12/19/14 - Final Show Prep Parts 1 & 2

show jumping, line, balance, turns

BUCK DAVIDSON - 01/01/15 - FINAL SHOW PREP PARTS 3 AND 4 - The total running time of the last two parts of this four part video is 22:30.  Buck Davidson continues this stadium clinic with an emphasis on keeping the horse in the outside rein in turns. 

Part 3: Work on the course continues where Buck has the riders really focus on moving their horses shoulders over to help maintain straightness and a true outside connection.
Part 4: Buck works with the riders on getting immediate responses out of their horses. Buck wants the horses to continually be moving forward but in a relaxed fashion.

Buck Davidson - USA

Bruce “Buck” Davidson Jr. has been in the saddle since birth. While Buck may be known as son of Eventing legend Bruce Davidson, Buck is successful in his own right. His many accomplishments on and off of a horse make for an outstanding athlete, horsem Read Full Bio