Horse Trailer Maintainance

Horse Trailer Maintainance

Horse trailer maintenance

The long term success of any endeavor sometimes depends more on the maintenance or creation of infrastructure than it does on the development of the “Big Idea”.

Over time I have created certain habits that have served me well in business, relationships, competition, health and just about every other aspect of life.   If you stop and think about it I am sure you have done the same thing.  Now, I am hoping that you also have “maintenance” habits that you are really committed to.  You probably have others that you are aware of but not quite as passionate about.

For example, my wife Lisa is passionate about her running.  This year will be her first Boston marathon and regardless of the weather, the time or the location she will be running.  And, she will always do her stretching routine before she runs…always.  On the other hand I run “sometimes” and stretch when noticing an injury coming on and I am trying to stay ahead of the pain.  She has created a habit.  I am aware of the process but have not created a habit.  By the way, you have been hearing this from your dentist for some time regarding flossing! “Only floss the ones you want to keep!”

When I was about 10 years old my father began the process of teaching me the benefits of Horse Trailer maintenance.  He demonstrated how to check the floors, oil the hinges (my job) and most importantly re-pack the wheel bearings.  I remember the sense of satisfaction and just plain gooey, messy goodness pushing the fresh bearing grease into the brand new bearing races when we would replace worn ones.  I also remember being 25 and after not checking my trailer bearings for “awhile”  watching a trailer wheel pass me at about 70 on the highway in the middle of Texas on a trip east to compete.  That wheel was seriously moving and only by luck did it miss hitting anything.  And, after only 10 or so hours of “road adventures” I was back on the highway. Needless to say I began “remembering” to get the bearings checked every year.  Note: The best experience to learn from is somebody else’s bad experience.

We all live busy lives.  The Urgent tends to take our attention away from the Important.  We begin to expect things to last a little longer and keep working for us without our own involvement, commitment or attention.  Whether it’s your teeth, your bearings, your health, your horses fitness, your relationships or even the USEA we sometimes forget it takes energy and thought to keep things right.

You have been waiting for me to bring the USEA into this haven’t you?  So, we have talked before about Volunteering, Respect, Goal Setting, “Paretos Principle” and giving back to our fantastic horse culture.  So what’s left?  What habit and I going to bring up? Of course, the habit of Shopping!!

The USEA is a member driven organization.  We are the Horse trailer to your Horse and your sport.  The structure is solid (no debt, finances in the black, growing starter numbers and a loyal membership). The paint is fresh and beautiful in your barn colors (new website!!). We have a jack in the trailer with a lug wrench that is the right size and air in the spare (fantastic business, corporate and individual sponsors).  The floor has been checked and the mats are clean (thank you Endowment Trust).  The lights all work and the coupler, ball, safety chains and electrical plug are all clean and in working order (thank you Jo Whitehouse and USEA staff).  But, to keep the grease in the bearings we still need you!  Yes, we need your memberships and your willingness to donate to the causes you feel strongly about. But we also need you to create a habit that may seem less important than it really is.  Every month we need your help with a little grease for the bearings by considering our advertisers and corporate sponsors in your decisions about the services and products they offer. Whether it’s insurance, supplements, stallion services a new bridle or helmet please take the time to consider the companies that have committed their money to this association.  As a community we the consumers have many choices where to spend our hard earned dollars.  As companies our advertisers and sponsors also have many choices where to spend their money.  I am asking you to realize that when you shop for the things you need from companies that support your organization you will be helping the USEA.  Even when you go to our website and click on an ad or click on an e-mail blast from one of our advertisers you are helping.  We live in an age where clicks and views dominate the advertising landscape.  They are the grease in the bearings.  So, click away…and Shop!

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Sep 4, 2013 at 5:39 am