Grand Meadows

Designing supplements that work better---Grand Premium Plus combines Grand HA Synergy, Grand Digest, Grand Hoof + MSM, Grand Digest and Grand Vite in one palatable, complete formula.

Better Formula, Better Price.

Grand Premium Plus has been developed using all the experience and knowledge gained from over 25 years of formulating equine nutritional products. Combining 55 high quality, pharmaceutical grade ingredients documented to support your horses optimum long-term health, performance and soundness—at a price you can afford.

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Grand Meadows Products

Grand Meadows

Grand Meadows

The equine nutritional supplement business has grown to the point of providing horse owners an overwhelming array of choices. When faced with such choices, the busy consumer often defaults to products from a familiar name. If that name is Grand Meadows, there’s good reason to do so. There were very few horse supplements on the market back in the early ‘80s. Founded in 1984 by Angela Slater, Grand Meadows has been there since the beginning. Vitamin and mineral blends of the time targeted gene

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