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We put our heart into our work, and take pride in every video we bring to you. Every trainer and judge featured on this website has been chosen for their unique perspective, presentation and passion for the sport. It is our intention that EventingTrainingOnline.com will help raise the expertise of the eventing community worldwide.

Brian and Lisa Sabo established EventingTrainingOnline.com after they recognized a thirst for knowledge and excellence throughout all levels of the sport.

Lisa and Brian are both graduate “A” pony clubbers and advanced level competitors. In 1974 Brian passed his “A” rating.  Brian served as D.C. of his club two times (1975-1977 and 1980-1983).  Lisa passed her “HA” in 1983 and her “A” in 1984.  Lisa is now running the Newport Riding Center and Newport Mesa Pony Club.

Hilda Gurney, the inspiration for many of the top trainers and riders in the United States was in the finest sense a mentor to Lisa and Brian. Through her leadership both were introduced to the sport of Eventing. Brian won his first Preliminary (Now CCI 1*) Three-day event in 1968 followed by winning the National Intermediate (CCI 2**) Championships in 1969.  This was also the year his coach, Hilda, won the U.S. Open Championships (CCI 3***).  Brian has been recognized as the leading event rider in USEA Area VI in both 1969 and 1981.

Lisa has also had a very successful competitive career which continues today.  A member of the Silver Medal Area VI Young Riders team in 1984 and also USEA Area VI leading rider a number of times, Lisa has produced a large number of competitive horses all of which she worked with from the very beginning. Lisa has ridden a number of horses she trained through the Advanced level including riding at Rolex Kentucky on three different horses.  Lisa has been long listed for the U.S. Olympic Team.

Lisa has always specialized in starting young horses, working with difficult horses and competing and teaching both Young Riders and Adults.  Lisa has been recognized as one of the leading riders in USEA Area VI and produced a large number of higher level horses between 1984 and 2009.

Brian remained active through the advanced level on both coasts until 1984 when his coaching activities began to take precedence.  As a volunteer to the horse community Brian has served as a USPC District Commissioner, USEA Area VI Chairperson (1985-1987), CDS L.A. chapter public relations chairperson (1973), AVA (American Vaulting Association) board of governors (1976-1978) and Woodside Horse Park  founding vice president and board member (1976-1989).  Brian was selected Chief Liaison Officer for the 1984 Olympic games.  Asked to help with the show jumping phase of the three-day event by good friend Neil Ayer, Brian was eventually awarded the contract to design and build the three-day event show jumping course at Santa Anita for the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.

Brian is currently teaching a full schedule of clinics across the nation and coaches the Méxican Eventing Equestrian Team.  This team is the current Gold medal holder at the Central American Games. Brian also sits on the USEF Board of Directors and is President of the United States Eventing Association (USEA).

Both Brian and Lisa are USEA ICP certified and Brian serves as an ICP Faculty member.  Their vision is to create a website that compiles the thoughts and principles taught by the best trainers of the present and the past.  We will find instructors with the same passion you have for working with horses, competing horses and understanding the process of properly teaching horses. By compiling the best information our goal is to stimulate your creative  thought process by allowing you to see into the minds of the best trainers on the planet.

We are serious about this website providing you with the insights and information you want to see and hear.  We will scour the globe to bring you the best from the best.  

During our journey, we will listen to you – your wants and desires – in order to identify  topics to be covered in upcoming videos.

We are growing and evolving. That evolution is not possible without you. Your feedback is welcomed and encouraged! Please email us at customerservice@eventingtrainingonline.com