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Leslie Law - 03/21/15 - How Much Pressure? Parts 1 & 2 SAMPLE VIDEO CLIP OF FULL VIDEO

Leslie Law coaches the Under 25s on ditch combinations and sunken roads.

Mary King - 03/03/15 - Flatwork for Jumping SAMPLE VIDEO CLIP OF FULL VIDEO

Mary King gives a lesson in essential skills needed in your flatwork for successful jumping.

Hilda Gurney - 03/03/15 - Flying Changes for Green Riders

In this video from our sister website, Hilda Gurney solves flying change problems for the green rider.

Asia Thayer - 02/15/15 - Alignment and Balance Parts 3 and 4 SAMPLE VIDEO CLIP OF FULL VIDEO

Asia Thayer adds fences to this session of flatwork helping build better balance and relaxation.

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